BAM Winner Profiles

Ultimate Brand Ambassador of the Year Award nominees:

The following Monthly BAM winners are the automatic nominees for the Grand prize, the Ultimate Brand Ambassador of the Year Award . This UBAMA award will be handed over at the University’s end-of-year function scheduled to take place on 01 December 2016.

The UBAMA winner will be the deserving recipient of amazing prizes and a luxurious get away.

The NUST community will vote for their Brand Ambassador of the Month on Wednesday 16 November 2016. A voting booth will be stationed at the parking lot in front of E-House where staff can cast their vote for the Ultimate Brand Ambassador of the Year.

Matchwell Lizazi – BAM: October 2017
Industry Liaison Officer
Cooperative Education Unit (CEU)

Matchwell was the October BAM winner. He is a family man, who started from humble beginnings and who has contributed significantly to the employees’ wellbeing at the Institution as a Union Representative. His leadership and employee relation skills know no bounds as he is also known as one of the key players in the Union and for that reason the Union nominated him to serve on the Job Evaluation Committee.

He is a jack of all trades with qualifications in Business Administration, IT, Management Development and he is currently pursuing an Honours in Leadership so it is no surprise when he was elected to sit on Council, our highest governing body at the Institution and to serve on the NCHE Council. He is the epitome of hard work pays off.

He was voted as Brand Ambassador of the Month for his exceptional customer service and his selfless contributions to the Institution for the past 14 years. Matchwell is consistently hard working and commits himself fully to his job, putting maximum effort into completing tasks to the best of his ability. With his experience in IT, Matchwell took the initiative to revamp CEU’s website to make it more attractive.

Sonja Samuels – BAM: September 2017
Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor
Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Although Sonja successfully completed a Bachelor Degree in Natural Resource Management, she found herself in the Executive Support space having been appointed in 2007 as the Secretary to the Executive Dean: School of Natural Resources and Tourism and was later promoted to the capacity of Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor of NUST. She is described by her peers as somewhat of an introvert, but one who would not hesitate to assert her views in a sincere manner.

She obtained her Bachelor Degree in Natural Resource Management: Nature Conservation in 2008 and envisages to pursuing an Honours and Master’s degree in the near future. Her career to date has taken many positive strides. Many of her life lessons, she attributes to having learnt on the job. Her appointment in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor was a huge opportunity to show off her many talents and skills.

Sonja values establishing lasting relationships with her peers and believes that this is the reason why she has emerged as a Brand Ambassador of the Month.

In her spare time, Sonja enjoys long walks in nature, reading and spending time with her family.

Errol Mbako – BAM: August 2017
ITS Support Officer
Department of Communication, Information and Technology (DICT)

Errol Mbako is considered by many of his peers and supervisors as an impressionable young man. He is an ITS Support Officer in the Department of Communication, Information and Technology (DICT) and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management and is pursuing another tertiary qualification in Professional Management. His work ethic and dedication to improving the ITS systems at the NUST is evident in the work he produces. Errol is the brains behind the department’s new scan system to verify students’ credentials for examination. He is also the brains behind the online Access Forms which is currently in the testing phase.

Errol is also currently working on an information database. This database will show the number of publications NUST has produced, awards the Institution has won and local projects NUST is involved in as well as the Institution’s affiliation with local industry and international partners.

Errol is quite the ladies’ man and very popular at the Institution, due to his friendly and optimistic nature and his willingness to go the extra mile for others.

Leonard Imene – BAM: July 2017
Research and Development Officer
Namibia Business Innovation Institute

Leonard is responsible for the coordination of the Mobile Lab at NBII, having brought the concept of the Mobile Lab to life when it was established in 2013. The Mobile Lab to serve as a hub for research, knowledge and innovation within mobile technology and applications in Namibia. The Lab supports tech aspiring individuals to develop and commercialize their mobile application solutions. The Lab started off with 5 users and has approximately 600 registered community users.

The stakeholders include students and professionals from industry, governments and academia. The Lab offers a creative space that serves as a growth platform and catalyst for mobile entrepreneurs to bring localised services and applications to the unique markets of Namibia and beyond.

The Mobile Lab has 3 Key Activities

  • Hackathons – Hackathons provide a platform for the youth to develop mobile and web prototypes that are aimed at solving societal challenges.
  • The bi-weekly developer circle (including students from NUST, IUM and UNAM) brings together ICT entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the mobile applications business to share new ideas and assist one another on projects.
  • Developer’s training, aimed at improving the mobile application developers skills at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

The Lab under the leadership of Leonard has managed to secure the following sponsorships that have contributed to the Lab’s financial independence:

  1. Telecom Namibia – free Wi-Fi in the NBII Mobile Lab since 2013;
  2. UNESCO – Sponsor of the annual mobile developer training of trainers since 2016;
  3. Google – Sponsor of the bi-annual Google Developer Group (GDG) Windhoek events since 2016; and
  4. Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme (SAIS) – Co-sponsor of programming competitions (hackathons) and capacity building since 2013.

Leonard is described by his peers as humble and always willing to assist his peers at NBII. He remains calm even in the midst of difficult situations. Leonard is always present at the hackathons that mostly happen over weekends and throughout the night. He is the longest serving staff member at NBII, having started off as an intern.

Cynthia Harris – BAM: June 2017
Head: Governance and Committee Works
Office of the Registrar

Cynthia is described by her peers as exemplary. She has served NUST for over 15 years, having started off as a Secretary to the then Head: Governance and Committee Work.

Cynthia is described as extremely methodical and her organisational skills are to be admired and leave nothing to atone for. In her role as custodian of critical pieces of Institutional information, dating back over 21 years, she is able to recall that information at a blink of an eye. Cynthia is also privy to highly confidential information and takes this role very seriously, and as such, she has won the implicit trust of the Senate, Council and Executive Committees.

Cynthia is always ready to embrace change within the institution and as such she is not only nominated for her excellent customer service, but she was also nominated for her sustainability endeavours. With the current austerity measures in place, Cynthia has set up an Agenda e-system for Senate, Council and other committees. What this means is that agendas are no longer printed and sent to all the members. She creates an online link and the members need to bring along their tablets/ laptops to meetings and retrieve the agenda online.

This may seem like a small cost but when you consider that for Senate alone, the printing budget was N$106 000.00 in 2016 and for this year, the cost of printing has been reduced to N$6 000.00, resulting in a savings of N$100 000.00. This is only for printing costs and excludes Council or the other committee’s printing costs.

With this small innovation, not only has she saved the institution money but she has also saved on her time, working more efficiently.

Martha Namutuwa – BAM: March 2017
Industry Liaison Officer
Cooperative Education Unit (CEU)

Martha was awarded the BAM award for spearheading the e-Wil project, which saw the placement of handbooks onto the Moodle platform, thereby, making it more accessible to over one thousand (1000) distance and part time students. This project leveraged on technology to provide better quality of service to our clients, namely our students. It also significantly reduced printing and shipping costs, saving the university not only in costs but also a green initiative, saving the environment with the reduction in paper use.

Martha has led other projects in conjunction with other various units, centres and departments within NUST, thereby fostering a culture of collaboration, which speaks to one of the core values of our Institution. Her work with the HR students, having secured an international internship with the B360 program, offered students an opportunity to develop their competencies.

She is described by her peers as helpful, friendly and an individual who drives the team to accomplish over and above the expectations. This initiative was not only a great technological innovation but is also in line with our sustainability goals, as it meant that WIL handbooks no longer had to be printed and mailed, saving not only on costs but our environment as well.

Martha is friendly, honest, approachable, helpful and innovative, having stepped up to implement a new procedure and concept that brought about a positive change to the Unit and more specifically, she enhanced the core function of the university, which is to provide resources to our students that enable them to become a better crop of quality graduates.

Ms Celeste Espach
Brand Ambassador – October 2016
Faculty of Spatial and Natural Resources

Celeste has worked tirelessly to ensure that the University’s representation at the Windhoek Show was a success. She was there each and every day to ensure that everything was going according to plan and was available to deal with any problems as they unfolded.

She worked tirelessly on the project; from the design phase of the stand, visiting the venue each and every day as the stand was being assembled, ensuring that the NUST Brand is well aligned in accordance with each and every Departments / Units / Centres /Institutes particular needs.

Thanks to her and her team, a very creative and innovative stand was designed, which saw NUST being awarded the Platinum Award as well as the Bronze Award for the outside stand!!

Despite the many challenges, including a torn ligament on her right thumb, she remained steadfast and committed to ensuring that the outcome of the project was achieved.

She is described by her peers as reliable, dedicated, professional and indeed a joy to work with. For Celeste, nothing is too much of an effort and everything she does is of a superior quality. As a run up to the Windhoek Show, Celeste also spearheaded the EU-ACP Intra Cap display for her department.

Celeste is a true brand ambassador of our University and is truly deserving of the Brand Ambassador Award for the month of October 2016.

Ms Antoinette Wentworth
Brand Ambassador – September 2016
Coordinator: Printbase Instructional Material
Centre for Open and Lifelong Learning (COLL)

Antoinette personifies excellence in all that she does. She is described by her peers as an incredibly hard worker and one who inspires those around her to strive towards greater heights. Her highly proactive approach to her work has been fundamental in the institutional rebranding exercise, having served as one of the frontrunners of the rebranding exercise within the COLL division, where they were successful in merging print and e-learning curriculums which contributed immensely towards job satisfaction for all those that were involved as well as the end users.

One of the department’s most memorable memories of Antoinette was when she served the role of “Santa Clause” at the 2015 departmental end year party, where she was rolled into the venue on a wheel-barrow, handing out presents to her team mates.

Antoinette is a true brand ambassador of our University and is truly deserving of the Brand Ambassador Award for the month of September 2016.

Ms Muriel Mouton
Brand Ambassador – August 2016
Secretary to the Dean
Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences

Muriel Mouton

Aside from being selected as Brand Ambassador of the Month, Muriel has also been awarded the Personal Assistant/ Secretary of the Year award. Muriel is regarded by her peers as exceptional in her professionalism, dealing with people and is regarded as the revolving wheel and go-to-person in her department.

Muriel carries with her a wealth of experience and working for an institution in the business of knowledge creation, Muriel has taken on the role of mentor for most of the junior secretaries.

Her energy and incredible zest for helping others has permeated across her department and she continues to serve as an ambassador for change, always on the look-out to innovate and introduce new ways of doing things or improve the status quo.

Muriel is a true brand ambassador of our University and is truly deserving of the Brand Ambassador Award for the month of August 2016.

Dr Adam Flowers
Brand Ambassador – July 2016
Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences

Barely six months after having joined the University, Dr Flowers presence within the academic fraternity is already being felt. Dr Flowers was fundamental in introducing a programme designed to provide students with a systematic and coherent introduction to the broad knowledge, principles, concepts and problem-solving techniques of pre-hospital emergency medical care.

He has introduced his learners to a unique set-up of community service driven learning, an initiative that seeks to integrate what is taught in the classroom into community engagement activities the learners engage in, particularly in low income communities. This unique learning experience creates a condition where students are exposed to the actual situation on the ground, and in the same breath learners are afforded an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to their communities, creating communities of shared learning.

His peers describe him as friendly, conscientious, helpful, one who always volunteers himself to assist where he can and will extend beyond the call of duty to ensure that set targets achieved.

Dr Flowers is a true brand ambassador of our University and is truly deserving of the Brand Ambassador Award for the month of July 2016.

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