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The Development of Biosensors for environmental monitoring of water pollutants

An assessment of the bio-availability of pollutants is a crucial factor in site remediation and these can be achieved by the use of bio-sensors which operate through highly sensitive bio-recognition processes. Electro-chemistry coupled to disposable sensor technology is a means to demonstrate and educate society. Miniaturise sensors are portable and can be taken to the community, data can easily be displayed. These factors and other considerations unique to electro-chemical bio-sensors will greatly assist in the dissemination of new knowledge and learning with respect to water resource management and water utility. Therefore the objective of this project will be to use the synergism of chemical, bio-chemical and molecular electronic concepts in the development of a novel bio-sensor device for environmental analysis. The study involves the analysis of anthropogenic priority organic pollutants contained in systems. Among the compounds of interest are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Projector Interactive Smart watch

Sustainable indigenous harvesting Mangetti nut

Solar Utility Vehicle

  • An Utility Vehicle with a payload of 150 kg- 1 person + 75 kg cargo or 2 persons
  • Solar Powered – photovoltaic cell
  • Range 100km
  • Energy storage – lithium battery
  • Max velocity 50 km
  • Light weight chassis
  • Modular components-as much as possible off-the-shelf
  • Low maintenance
  • User friendly
  • Made in Namibia

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