08:00-22:00 Monday to Friday
08:00-17:00 Saturdays
14:00-20:00 Sundays

08:00-17:00 Monday to Friday
The Library is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Library is closed during public holidays.

Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) students automatically become members on registration. NUST staff became Library members upon the appointment.
University of Namibia (UNAM) staff can become members of the Library by completing a registration form available from the User Services Librarian. Registered UNAM students can become members of the NUST Library by completing a registration form available from the User Services Librarian, and by paying a refundable deposit.
Other persons from the community and different institutions can become Library members on an individual basis by applying for and paying a non-refundable annual fee, with the amount paid determining the membership category.

NUST students may borrow a maximum of 6 items at a time.
NUST staff may borrow a maximum of 10 items at a time.
University of Namibia students and staff may borrow up to three items at a time. The number of items that can be borrowed by other Library members depends on the amount paid as an annual fee.
Distance educations students may be limited in the number of items borrowed at a time depending on the availability of copies in their Regional Centre and the usage by other students.

Library materials from the open/general collection can be borrowed for up to 14 days.
Videos from the multimedia lab can be borrowed for up to 7 days.
Prescribed materials from the study collection cannot be taken out of the Library. They must be used within the Library for two hours.
Items at the Regional Centres may only be borrowed by for 7 days by both students and staff members.
Note: All items borrowed (including those of the Regional Centres) can be renewed twice as long they are not overdue.

Books from the open shelves on levels 3 and 4 can be borrowed and taken home.
Videos, CDs and DVDs can also be borrowed and taken home.

Reference materials are prepared for brief consultation i.e. for facts, descriptions, statistics etc., rather than for continuous reading. They should therefore, be available to users on demand and hence cannot be taken out of the Library.

Namibiana and UNESCO are very reference collections.
Reference materials are for “Library Use Only”, that is, they are non-circulating, as they are meant to be available to users on demand.

The Study Collection has prescribed books and lecturer’s notes. Although students are encouraged to have their own prescribed books, the Library buys and places limited copies of these on short loan to help those who can not afford to purchase their own copies. So in order to help as many students as possible with these limited copies, they are kept separately in the Study Collection on level 4, under the supervision of Library staff, and can only be used in the Library for two hours.
Lecturers’ notes are additional to the notes taken by students in class, and by being housed in the Study Collection they are made available to as many students as possible.

Periodical materials include magazines, journals, newspapers, or annual publications published at regular intervals. The cost of journal subscriptions does not allow the Library to have two copies of an issue; therefore the usage is limited to within the Library in order to allow them to be used by as many people as possible.

Yes, as a distance student you may borrow books from the Main Library, but you must return them before or on the due date.

No. Under no circumstance should you allow you friend to use your ID to borrow library materials. Borrowing materials means that you undertake the responsibility of taking care of them and making sure they are returned in good condition. In case of damage or loss, you will be liable to pay the replacement value of the item borrowed as it was taken using your student. Library staff cannot transfer the responsibility for replacement to your friend.

Unfortunately no. The student ID/membership card contains all the information necessary to borrow materials.
Other forms of identification lack important information that the Library needs and will therefore not be accepted!

When you borrow material from the Library, you assume responsibility for its safe return. If you lose the material you will have to pay the replacement cost for it.
A fine will be charged according to the extent of the damage. If the item is badly damaged, then a replacement fee equal to the market value of the item will be charged.

If you lose Library material, you must report the loss immediately to the User Services Librarian, who will determine the replacement value of the book and advise on the method of payment.

The system used to lend books is not set up according to the national calendar. To avoid problems, the User Services Librarian usually puts up notices reminding Library users that due to the public holiday they should return books which would become due during the holiday or ask for them to be renewed so that they do not become overdue.

The Multi-media has collection of educational digital and audio- visual resources, which are in CD, DVD, Video, Floppy disk and Audio Cassette format.

There are “pin code” operated machines on:
Level 2 - Periodicals Section.
Level 3 - Eastern side.
Level 4 - Namibiana Room (South West corner).
There is a coin operated machine on the Level 4 - Next to the Study Collection.

An online printer is available in the Internet Café on level 2 of the Library.
Printers are also available in computer labs 3 and 5 on Level 4.


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