15 people living with disabilities graduate

Through an Entrepreneurship Training programme that is offered by the Centre for Enterprise Development (CED), 15 people with disabilities graduated. The programme was developed by NUST, in partnership with the National Disability Council of Namibia (NDCN).

A significant portion of physically challenged Namibians have limited access to education which makes it difficult for persons in this group to secure employment. Therefore, the programme was created to remedy this situation. The Deputy Minister of Disability Affairs, Honourable Alexia Manombe-Ncube, delivered the keynote address at the event, using the platform to send a message to industry. “A viable enterprise calls for resourcing, especially regarding financial resources. So I call upon captains of industry to support mentorship programmes that enable these graduates to establish and enhance their enterprises. Many a times we say Namibia has a shortfall in skilled human resources, now we have given you these graduates. Make use of their skills,” Manombe-Ncube remarked.

The 2016 Namibia Inter-Censal Demographic Survey Report indicates that People with Disabilities make up 4.7% of the population which quantifies to over 100 000 people. The majority of the people in this group reside in rural areas.

Dr Gert Günzel, the NUST Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance said: “The University, through CED, has committed itself to continue providing capacity-building interventions to local communities so that the informal industry can eventually move to the formal stream. This refers to NUST’s mandate of providing inclusive education for all.”

The graduates were pleased with their achievements, saying they now feel more empowered despite their physical limitations.
This event marks the 4th Graduation Ceremony in Entrepreneurship Training offered by CED and a total of 49 people have benefitted. The courses in the programme addressed key topics such as bookkeeping, innovation and creativity, computer literacy and marketing management.

Friday, February 2, 2018
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February, 2018

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