Advancing sustainable development research

The Faculty of Human Sciences (FHS) held its Research Day recently, under the theme: “Advancing Sustainable Development Research through the Human and Social Sciences: Local Actions for Global Impact.” The event is a platform for staff and students from the Faculty to showcase their research projects.

The Keynote Speaker, Prof Fikeni Senkoro, from the University of Namibia Language Centre, reflected on research and publishing, with a particular focus on languages. “The African scholar has been 

constantly facing the dilemma regarding the language question. What language should we use to teach our people? What language should we use to teach people that do not understand English?” asked Prof Senkoro, addressing the academic staff.

The subject of whether indigenous languages should take a more leading role in teaching and learning, or not, has been a contentious issue, particularly in recent times in Namibia.

During the event, panel discussions were held which addressed topics such as: Intangible Cultural Heritage, and Sustainable Development; and The Role of the Media in Promoting Good Governance and Democracy. Dr Alinah Segobye, the Dean of the FHS, spoke on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), stating that it is important for researchers to conduct research that is in line with development policies and make a difference in the communities.

One of the Faculty’s flagship projects, funded by the European Union, was highlighted during the event. It is known as Protect, Preserve and Promote Indigenous Knowledge Culture and Languages (P3ICL), and it aims to revitalise indigenous languages to preserve culture.

Drs Sarala Krishnamurthy, Haileleul Woldemariam, and Nkosinothando Mpofu from the Faulty, are the researchers behind the study.

The event concluded with presentations from Master of English and Applied Linguistics students.

Thursday, May 24, 2018
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May, 2018

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