Appreciating Namibian literature

The third Namibia Book Fair was held under the theme: “An Indigenous Treasure Hunt,” with the aim to showcase and promote books, local authors and publishers, and it also generally aims to arouse interest in the culture of reading and creative writing in the country.

The Fair was established by Yambeka Education Foundation and supported by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, NUST, and the University of Namibia.

The activities of the Fair started off with workshops at the Goethe Institute, book launches, story-telling sessions in various local languages, book exhibitions, poetry sessions, and book donations. Ambassador Tonata Itenge Emvula, patron of the Namibia Book Fair said: “The time has come when we should stop entertaining and even tolerating phrases such as ‘Namibians do not read or we have a poor reading culture in Namibia.’ In order for us to move forward as a knowledgeable nation, we need to invest our time and money on our young generation to ensure that they are exposed and have access to literature resources that will broaden their knowledge and encourage critical thinking.”

“As institutions, we should by all means avoid a situation where people want to read but there is no access to material. Equally, we should try to avoid a trend where people want to write but they do not know how to start, and especially how to go about publishing, are not given support. The Namibia Book Fair is therefore a necessary initiative and yet one that is long overdue,” remarked Dr Tjama Tjivikua, the NUST Vice-Chancellor.

Learners from different schools in Windhoek participated in the event. The next Book Fair is scheduled to take place in 2019.

Friday, October 6, 2017
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October, 2017

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