Australians share valuable Mining information

A group of students from the Department of Mining Engineering of the University of New South Wales in Australia visited the Poly last week to meet fellow students and to exchange ideas around reciprocal visits by Poly students to Australia.

The Australian students, accompanied by Duncan Chalmers, a Mine Ventilation lecturer, are undertaking a month-long tour of the mining industry in South Africa and Namibia where they have visited the Langer Heinrich and the Rössing Uranium mines. Chalmers has visited the Poly previously and delivered lectures in Mine Ventilation to Mining Engineering students in the Department of Mining and Process Engineering.

Dr Harmony Musiyarira, Head of the Poly’s Department of Mining and Process Engineering, said the meeting with the visitors was very informative and that they had shared valuable information with the Poly students and staff. “The Australian university follows a policy of “Diverse Workforce” which aims to employ many indigenous Australians, to have more women working in mines, to employ people from different cultural backgrounds with a mixture of skilled and ‘green’ workers. Namibia can do well to emulate this example,” Musiyarira said.

The visitors also informed their Poly hosts about various community development initiatives put in place in Australia to give the community the assurance that mining is not hazardous to the environment. They said community members are able to benefit from these initiatives in the form of education, sports facilities, scholarships, grants, employment and cultural awareness.

“The University of New South Wales offers networking opportunities, international student exchange programmes and degree courses in Mining Engineering. It plans to create a partnership with the Poly so that Namibian students may also be granted the opportunity to reap the benefits of these initiatives,” Musiyarira said.

Friday, July 17, 2015
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July, 2015

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