Certification of lecturers commences

The first group of 25 NUST lecturers has enrolled for the Institution’s new Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) aimed at advancing their pedagogical skills and to offer them learning experiences of the highest quality.

The programme, offered by the Teaching and Learning Unit (TLU), meets the needs of newcomers to the profession as well as experienced lecturers. All NUST lecturers are expected to complete the Certificate.

The Institution strives to take a leading role in the advancement of staff by making continous efforts to improve their development.

The PGCHE is a three-semester programme that includes a course in Curriculum Design and Development. All participants should be lecturers to qualify for enrolment.

During the courses, which are all offered digitally, PowerPoint presentations and reading materials are uploaded on a platform that can be accessed before the contact sessions, providing the lecturers with an opportunity to work at their own pace. This further allows full engagement in the contact sessions which are reserved for small group work, discussions, micro-teaching and feedback.

A survey to assess the participants’ experience thus far and make improvements where necessary, preceded the commencement of the programme. One of the participating lecturers said that the pass rate in his class had been low, but that it had improved considerably because of the new skills lecturers have acquired through this programme.

Another said: “Student-centred teaching is one of the important aspects of the course. It’s not about lecturers preaching to students; they have to engage the students. I have learned that people have different personalities and thus distinct learning styles. I try to accommodate these in my classes and I can see a difference already.”

The Acting Director of TLU, Maurice Nkusi, commended all the lecturers for their hard work and achievements throughout the first course and encouraged more lecturers to register for the PGCHE.

Friday, July 1, 2016
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July, 2016

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