Customer Service Association launched to drive excellence

The Poly has notched up yet another first when the Customer Service Association of Namibia (CSAN) was launched under the auspices of the Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business (HP-GSB). The Association is expected to become the driver of customer excellence in Namibia.

During the official launch, Poly Rector, Prof Tjama Tjivikua, lamented the dearth of service excellence in the country and said excellence in service delivery is one of the strategies critical for attaining a knowledge-based economy. It was therefore urgent that a service delivery culture was created and embedded.

The establishment of the CSAN follows the huge success of the first-ever Customer Service Awards held by the HP-GSB last year.

Tjivikua emphasised that the creation of a customer friendly environment was not just Government’s responsibility, but rather a shared responsibility of organisations, institutions and society as a whole. “We need to develop, manage, optimise and envision how organisations interact with their customers,” he said.

The Rector said there was a need to invest in human capital since customer service delivers tangible benefits. “Organisations with high customer satisfaction are more likely to enjoy high levels of customer retention, recommendation and repeat business,” he elaborated.

The Association is the brainchild of the HP-GSB. Its Director, Prof Grafton Whyte, said the lack of importance attached to customer service has motivated the School to make a contribution towards the attainment of customer service excellence in Namibia.

Friday, June 19, 2015
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June, 2015

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