NBII to host Southern Africa Start-up Awards

The Namibia Business Innovation Institute (NBII) has introduced a new programme called the Southern Africa Start-up Awards (SASA), in the country. SASA is an official Southern Africa circuit for the Global Start-up Awards, the largest independent start-up ecosystem competition worldwide. The Global Start-up Awards were established in Denmark in 2012 with the mission to connect, support and celebrate key players in start-up ecosystems around the world, and to create a matrix of opportunities for investors.

Additionally, SASA aims to reward innovation, excellence and best practices in start-ups across the region. The initiative aims to place a spotlight on model entpreneurs with the aim to inspire a dynamic community of start-up enthusiasts and to ultimately influence policy-makers towards the promotion of tech-innovation. The awards are divided into three stages, namely National, Regional and Global.

NBII will facilitate and host the SASA (national stage) on 30 August 2018. There are 15 categories and the nominations are open until 31 May 2018. Winners of each category will automatically enter the Regional Stage to compete with other participating SADC countries. The announcement of the regional awards is scheduled for 31 October 2018.
For more information, visit http://nbii.nust.na/ or contact, snewaka@nust.na, +264 61 207 2896.

Thursday, May 24, 2018
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May, 2018

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