NBII promotes youth employment

More than 140 young people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds were awarded certificates after successfully completing courses specifically crafted to make them more employable.

The training was conducted by Reconstructed Living Labs Namibia, known as Rlabs, which is a pilot project run under the research and development pillar of NUST’s Namibia Business Innovation Institute (NBII). Rlabs is a global movement and a registered social enterprise that provides innovative solutions to address various complex problems.

Curbing unemployment amongst young people in Namibia remains a great challenge and getting access to education is also a daunting task for many. Rlabs offers free courses to the youth who prove they are committed and hungry for success. The graduates received training in courses that covered topics such as Project Management, Social Innovation, Advanced Digital Media and Photography. The participants, with their newly acquired skills, now stand a better chance to penetrate the highly competitive job market or start their own businesses.

Emilia Shikwamhanda, the NBII Country Coordinator, said this was one of NBII’s biggest graduations since the programme was initiated in 2012. “We have success stories of start-ups and some youth being employed as a result of the skills that we were able to impart to them,” she said.

The RLabs main hub is in South Africa, but the organisation has branched out to the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Since this programme was launched in Namibia, over 200 youth have graduated.

“With the vision to impact, empower and reconstruct communities through innovation, we are looking forward to partnering with different organisations in order to reduce the rate of youth unemployment in the country,” Shikwamhanda added.

Friday, December 18, 2015
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December, 2015

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