NUST and Swedes assess water problems

The search for solutions to Namibia’s ongoing water crisis will soon receive greater attention as a result of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between NUST and Sweden’s Malardalen University (MDH) that was signed last week.

Namibia is currently facing an impeding drought and a daunting water crisis that have left all dams with less than thirty per cent of their useable volumes. The MoA between the two institutions will include an environmental engineering provision that will investigate innovative ways of saving and conserving water, ensuring secure supplies for domestic, agricultural and industrial uses.

The NUST Vice-Chancellor, Tjama Tjivikua, commended the timing of the agreement and announced that NUST is developing a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering (with the three streams of Water Engineering, Atmospheric Systems and Energy Systems), with support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.

The agreement is an extension of NUST’s long-term alliance with Sweden and her institutions of higher learning and research, through the exchange of students, staff, academic materials and joint seminars, conferences and public lectures.

Dr Anders Avelin, the MDH Head of the Business Society and Engineering School, said that internationalisation is one of the main focus areas of the Swedish university where more than 20 nationalities are represented. “We are excited to participate in the planned research activities since we are confident that NUST will contribute to MDH’s capacity in different areas,” Avelin said.

The MoA will facilitate collaboration between the Namibia Business Innovation Institute (NBII) and the Ide Lab of MDH. Although the two models differ slightly, the principles of incubation, challenges and strategies to navigate them are similar at the two institutions. This creates an enabling environment for a partnership to develop where academic start-ups will be fostered and capacity is developed.

Thursday, March 24, 2016
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March, 2016

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