NUST wins coveted Sustainable Development Awards

The Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources Sciences won first prize in the category Research and Development at Namibia’s prestigious Sustainable Development Awards. In addition to this, Prof Habauka Kwaambwa, the Head of the Natural and Applied Sciences Department in the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences, secured the second spot.

The awards are presented every two years by the Environmental Investment Fund and Namibia’s Sustainable Development Advisory Council, and considers the contribution of individuals, companies and other organisations to Namibia’s sustainable development agenda.

The Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources Sciences has significantly increased its research activity and output over the past two years, and has become a crucial cog in the sustainable development agenda of Namibia. “Over the past 18 months alone, through staff and postgraduate students, we have produced 20 publications in internationally recognised peer reviewed journals in addition to other outputs,” said Salomo Mbai, the Head of the Department. Furthermore, there are cutting-edge technological developments such as remote sensing for wildlife census, the production and use of terrified encroacher wood, and proactive technology to reduce aircraft-bird collisions, that are taking place in the Department. Mbai and Dr Morgan Hauptfleisch, the Departmental Research Coordinator received the award on behalf of the Institution.

Prof Kwaambwa received the award in recognition of the advances they made in the cultivation and use of Moringa tree, that can easily be grown in Namibia, for its water treatment, medicinal and nutritional properties.

“The Moringa research is now being extended with the aim of empowering communities in rural areas towards sustainable and environmentally-sound development by facilitating access to improved nutrition, safe-drinking water, income generation and mitigating effects of climate change,” Kwaambwa said.

Over 90 entries from the Namibian business community, academia and youth entities were received in this 2nd edition of the Awards, eclipsing the previous number of 14 in 2015 by a large margin.

Friday, October 6, 2017
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October, 2017

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