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Dr Morgan Hauptfleisch, Deputy Head of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Sciences in the School of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences, is currently conducting very important research with the Namibia Airports Company (NAC) that aims to reduce collisions between aircraft and wildlife at Namibia’s airports.

The Wildlife and Aircraft Research Namibia Project (WARN-P), initiated seven years ago, is based on international regulations that require the development of measures to manage wildlife at NAC airports. The WARN Project investigates the underlying causes of collisions between aircraft and animals in order to implement measures to ensure the safety and security at airports around the country and people travelling on aircraft.

The NAC initially provided Hauptfleisch with logistical support in order to undertake the research study, but has since its inception also provided funding to sustain the initiative.

“Thus far, the research project has looked at birds, small mammals, vegetation and insects, as well as lighting which commonly attract wildlife to runways at airports,” Hauptfleisch explained. He added that the initiative offers multiple benefits, including contributing to aviation security, the development of local capacity to deal with the situation and creating an opportunity to provide training to young Namibian scientists.

The research project takes a holistic approach to the issue of dealing with wildlife and aircraft collisions, as it aims to improve the safety and security of all people using the airports, while also preserving nature.

Friday, May 29, 2015
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May, 2015

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