Poly celebrates achievements of top performers

The Poly celebrated the achievements of its best and brightest students last week at its annual Awards Ceremony where a wide range of sponsored prizes was awarded to students for excellent academic performance.

Highlights of the ceremony included the presentation of the Prof Neuvo Award and the Rector’s Award for the best performing student overall. 

The Prof Neuvo Award was presented to Mercy Bere and Suama Hamunyela, both doctoral students in Computer Science and Informatics, respectively. Desire Husselmann received the Rector’s Award as the Poly’s Best Overall Student. The event enjoys generous support from industry with more than 60 corporates and businesses having sponsored the numerous prizes awarded. 

Prof Tjama Tjivikua opened the ceremony and said the event aims to promote and entrench a culture of excellence in students’ academic performance. “Recognition will be given to students who have single-mindedly focussed on, and put in extra work in their studies. They have overcome all odds against them and strove for excellence in their studies, and therefore deserve the recognition bestowed upon them here,” Tjivikua said. 


The newly-appointed Attorney General of Namibia, Hon. Sackey Shanghala, praised those students who received awards. “We are honouring those who asked “What if?” and committed themselves to not only finding the answers, but to aligning their daily habits and activities to these answers. We are honouring those who worked late into the evening and early in the morning, those who wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer,” Shanghala said. 

Friday, April 24, 2015
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April, 2015

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