Poly/UNAM survey in Kunene

The Poly’s Department of Computer Science and the University of Namibia’s Multidisciplinary Research Centre (UNAM-MRC) will conduct a joint survey to document the medicinal qualities of the Indigenous Knowledge (IK) plants in the Kunene region.

Gereon Koch Kapuire and Michael Shirungu, from the two institutions, recently held discussions with the Governor and the Regional political leadership about the survey in Opuwo. The survey is the continuation of a national study being conducted by UNAM-MRC and the Ministry of Education’s Directorate of Research Science and Technology which has transformed into the National Commission for Research Science and Technology (NCRST).

Kapuire said: “As the older generations, who are the custodians of this Indigenous Knowledge, pass on, the knowledge is lost, and therefore the aim of the survey and study is to document Indigenous Knowledge on the use of plants for medicinal purposes.

The idea was greatly welcomed and the Chief Regional Officer from the Kunene Regional Council, George Kamseb, undertook to work closely with the research team and the Council to ensure the success of the project. He said the Councillor for Opuwo, Kazeongere Tjeundo, will identify the villages where the study will take place; the methodologies to be deployed; the structuring of the timeframe; transportation for the various delegates during the survey and accommodation for the research team. The team of 15 members is headed by Dr Davis Mumbengegwi from MRC.

Friday, December 12, 2014
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December, 2014

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