Radio informs, equips youth

The Poly recently commemorated World Radio Day by hosting a radio broadcast attended by learners from several schools outside Windhoek to showcase the impact that radio continues to have in an increasingly digital and technology-driven world.

World Radio Day is commemorated annually on 13 February and this year the Department of Communication in the School of Human Sciences hosted the celebrations under the theme, “Radio and the Youth.”

During the opening of the event, Poly Rector, Prof Tjama Tjivikua, said that radio is a powerful communication tool and since the youth have to deal with a variety of issues on a daily basis, a medium such as radio is well placed to depict the desired responsiveness to such issues in their programmes.

He pointed to the early history of radio and said that Radio development began as wireless telegraphy with the earliest radio stations being simply radiotelegraphy systems that did not carry audio. “It is a history of epic struggles in science and technology since the 1830s by many inventors such as James Clark Maxwell, Nicola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi, Heinrich Rudolf Hertz and Thomas Edison,” Tjivikua said.

The Minister of Information and Communication, Joël Kaapanda, echoed Tjivikua’s sentiments and said that currently too few radio programmes focus on the concerns of younger generations. “The involvement of the youth in the Radio Youth programme has the potential of equipping this part of the population with professional skills, including soft skills such as strategic thinking, team building and policy influencing skills which would prepare them for the future,” Kaapanda said.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) proclaimed 13 February as World Radio Day in 2011 to raise the understanding of the public and the media of the value of radio.

Friday, February 27, 2015
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February, 2015

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