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The Poly recently hosted its Institutional Research Week for 2014 to showcase research done by its academic staff during the year and to create a platform to promote a culture of research excellence among staff and students.

The 2014 Institutional Research Week was held under the theme, “Societal Development through Research and Innovation,” and offered the institution’s academic staff the opportunity to deliver presentations on research that they had carried out during the year. 

During the opening of the four-day Research Week, Special Adviser to the Poly Rector, Prof Errol Tyobeka, said the true essence of a university is to invent and share new knowledge within the academic community and also with the public at large. 

“In addition to producing compe-tent graduates and providing a service to the community, research in essence, places the university at a higher platform of knowledge creation and management for the benefit of advancing the knowledge and intellectual base of a nation and the global community, which in turn, advances socio-economic, political and technological development,” Tyobeka said. 

The Vice-Rector for Research and Academic Affairs, Dr Andrew Niikondo, said that research is a core component of any higher education institution. He said the Research Week initiative was aimed at establishing a culture of research at the Poly as it transforms to the  Namibia University of Science and Technology. 

The Institutional Research Week featured a number of presentations by Poly academics on research that they had carried out during 2014 as well as a panel discussion on academic freedom in Namibia.

Friday, December 5, 2014
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December, 2014

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