Researchers trained in new software

The School of Human Sciences last week presented an intensive training course for Poly researchers to assist them to enhance their research skills.

Staff were trained on ‘Qualitative Data Analysis with Atlas.ti’ facilitated by Prof Brigitte Smit of the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Dean of the School, Dr Sarala Krishnamurthy, explained that ‘ATLAS.ti’ is one of a new generation of qualitative data analysis software packages that researchers can use to analyse interviews, field notes, textual sources and other types of qualitative data.

It is a qualitative data analysis software programme that enables researchers to manage, code, analyse and output data in a variety of convenient methods, making data more understandable. It can help explore the hidden phenomena within research data by permitting the researcher to collect large bodies of data, including interview transcriptions, PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, HTML, pictures and even audio and video recordings. The data can then be coded and analysed for themes and other information.

The training was attended by a group of 30 researchers that included senior researchers from other Poly Schools and staff members presently doing their postgraduate studies. Staff of the School of Human Sciences applauded the way the training was offered. One of the trainees said: “Thank you very much for hosting such an expert to train us on a must-have software programme in today’s world of technology. I strongly support the idea to purchase the software for our institution as it will greatly assist with research and minimise a lot of challenges within research.”

Friday, June 26, 2015
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June, 2015

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