School develops research culture

The School of Human Sciences (SoHS) recently hosted the first of its Seminar Series for 2015 that aims to showcase research carried out by its academics and to create a platform for encouraging the development of a research culture within the School.

The Seminar Series follows on a Research Needs and Capacity Workshop held earlier this year, where academics from the School were encouraged to share their research plans and interests for 2015 as well as to air any concerns they encountered with conducting research.

According to Dr Sarala Krishnamurthy, Dean of the School of Human Sciences, the Seminar Series, which is conducted four times a year, encourages academics within the School to share their research with their counterparts. “The initiative is also a means of giving junior faculty members an opportunity to deliver presentations based on their research so that they can practise, and at a later stage attend and present papers at external conferences,” Krishnamurthy said.

She said the Series also aims to encourage academics in the School to work towards interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and to facilitate networking and the sharing of ideas among academic staff from different departments within the School.

Tjara Kaputu-Kavihuha and Emelda Ucham, Junior Lecturers in the Department of Education and Languages, and Bernard Tjatara, Lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences, delivered research presentations during the Seminar.

Friday, May 8, 2015
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May, 2015

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