Senior Lecturer participates in international planning

Marina Coetzee, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning, recently returned from New Mexico where she, as a member of a Namibian delegation, participated in planning meetings on a global research project, the ‘Land Potential Knowledge System’ (LandPKS). Coetzee was accompanied by Dr Cornelis van der Waal, a rangeland specialist, and Josephath Kutuahupira, an Agricultural Researcher in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.

The meetings were held with project team members based at New Mexico State University, University of Colorado, Colorado State University and the Jornada Experimental Range of the US Department of Agriculture’s Research Service. The planning meetings attended by the Namibian delegation are sequels to work conducted during a first phase that had been carried out in northern Namibia under the Namibian Millennium Challenge Account up to 2014, as well as work done elsewhere in the world.

The LandPKS is developed as a powerful yet user-friendly tool to evaluate the productive potential of land. The development of the LandPKS is supported by the USAID and US Department of Agriculture, with research and development collaborators from all over the world.

This tool can potentially be used by the Ministry of Land Reform for evaluating land for resettlement and land taxation purposes.

Coetzee said the intention is to incorporate the LandPKS into the curriculum of the Bachelor of Regional and Rural Development, with further applications in the teaching of agriculture, environmental management and nature conservation subjects.

Friday, June 19, 2015
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June, 2015

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