Students complete marathon trip along the Okavango River

A group of 45 students from the Department of Nature Conservation recently explored the Okavango wetlands in the north east of Namibia and also celebrated World Water and Wetland Days respectively on their trip.

The students traversed roughly 400 kilometres along the Okavango River from Nkurenkuru, past Rundu to Divundu and the Popa Rapids, as far as the Muhango Core Area on the border with Botswana. They also visited local primary and secondary schools along the way and interacted with learners as well as with some of the custodians of the river.

During the school visits the students were able to share their appreciation of the values of the Okavango River and its floodplains with the learners and informed them of threats to the river such as pollution and the overuse of natural resources such as fish, reeds, water and sand.

The students met with representatives of the Basin Wide Forum, the Okavango Basin Management Committee (OBMC) and the Biodiversity Task Force who all deal with the day-to-day collaboration between stakeholders living alongside the river. The trip also included a visit to the Kamutjonga Fisheries Research Institution where the students attended presentations on the Permanent Okavango River Basin Water Commission (OKACOM) and the Bwabwata – Okavango Ramsar site.

The students spent the day with learners from four different schools around Divundu celebrating World Wetland Day 2015 under the theme “Wetlands for our future.” They participated in wetland activities aimed at appreciating wetlands and the role of the youth in their care. The celebrations also included a game drive and bird watching trip in the Muhango Core Area.

Friday, May 22, 2015
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May, 2015

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