Students in drive to prevent crime

The Polytechnic Students Against Crime (PolySAC) recently visited several high schools to campaign for the prevention of crime through educating the academic communities of students and staff on crime related issues.

The club is not only confined to the Poly campus, but aims to reach out to many other vulnerable groups in society by presenting different educational programmes at various schools in Namibia. Elifas Helao, President of PolySAC, said the purpose of the visits is to educate, raise awareness and encourage learners to participate in efforts to prevent crime in their own communities.

He said the Rehoboth High School was one of the schools visited where he told the learners: “The PolySAC feels it has a responsibility, when one learns of these incidents of Gender Based Violence, to teach people in the community that the peaceful resolution of a problem is a sustainable way to solve every problem we face. We therefore wish to encourage you to refuse to engage in violent activities.”

He encouraged learners to start being responsible citizens by preventing and reporting crime or any other actions that are a danger to peace. Learners should participate in community policing and form similar clubs as the PolySAC, Men and Women Networks and the Neighbourhood Watch, he advised.

Hosea Hashili, the PolySAC representative for the School of Engineering, informed the learners that the Namibian society has lost the values and the bases on which it was founded. “Our society has turned into a scary jungle where even walking during broad daylight is not safe at all. Kids are being raped; kids are becoming victims or witnessing domestic violence at home,” Hashili said.

The learners were also entertained with a drama organised by the PolySAC members on how crime is being committed, the consequences of crime and how to avoid themselves from being victims of crime as well as encouraging them to report crime.

The PolySAC plans to visit many other schools during the second semester of this academic year.

Thursday, April 30, 2015
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April, 2015

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