Students open hearts to granny

The Polytechnic Marketing Society consists of an ambitious group of students who aim to assist, guide and support Marketing Management students to be competitive and responsive to the demands of the market.

The vision of the Society is to maintain high standards of technical ability and to upgrade students skills by creating opportunities through, for example, exchange programmes for its members to prepare them for the future demands in the field of Marketing.

Society members also showed that they have a philanthropic side to their activities when they recently visited the residence of an aged citizen, Marie Snyders, in Katutura to present her with a substantial hamper of food and other household items.

Salomon Tjitamunisa, a Lecturer in the Marketing Department, relates the story: “We were happy with the attention that she had received before, but we felt that she had been forgotten, and with the assistance of the members and some Good Samaritans, we were able to acquire the necessary articles to provide assistance to Ms Snyders who cares for 17 of her grandchildren. It has been a true inspiration to see a God-fearing woman, battling cancer and asthma, doing what she has been doing for the past few years with the little that she receives.

“Before we arrived here, Ms Snyders had just told her grandchildren that there was no food crumbs to fill their stomachs that evening. We managed to provide her and her family with food, blankets, clothes and cleaning materials. We hope that through our gesture, people that are able to help will reach out and help the needy because we believe it is a delegated mandate to all human beings. We will surely keep Ms Snyders and her grandchildren in our hearts, thoughts and prayers,” Tjitamunisa said.

Friday, September 18, 2015
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September, 2015

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