Students urged to help rid Namibia of crime

The Polytechnic Students Against Crime (PolySAC) held its first Crime Awareness Day on campus last week to encourage students to become involved in the fight against crime.

PolySAC was established a year ago to educate fellow students not to become involved in criminal activities, to report any suspicious crimes and to work closely with law enforcement agencies. Several high ranking police officers addressed the students and encouraged them to become more active in reducing crime in Namibia. Elifas Andreas, President of PolySAC, addressed the day, held under the theme ‘Together, we cannot let it ride,’ and explained that it meant that students can no more allow things to continue the way they are. “We can no longer give an opportunity for someone to steal or kill another and we need to stand up and fight this as one team. We need to be patriotic Namibians and fight these crimes together. You and I can do something today that can change tomorrow,” he said. Andreas appealed to men to stop gender-based violence which has killed many women. “Why are we killing our women? Gentlemen, we must not forget that we are who we are today and where we are today, because our mothers were not killed. Why are we killing other people’s mothers? Mothers took care of us and carried us on their backs. Let us stop killing because it will never be a solution,” he said. Commissioner Heinrich Tjiveze, Regional Commander of the Khomas Region, appealed to students and community members to become more involved in the fight against crime. “Manpower is one of the most important factors in reaching the goal of a safer country and that is where the role of community comes in. With more members of the community involved in this fight, we can surely make differences and changes to the circumstances of our region and our country at large,” Tjiveze said. He called on the students to work together and to be part of a team with only one objective: “Making the Namibian nation, our nation, a crime-free nation, for ourselves and future generations. Let history remember that we worked together, shoulder to shoulder, young and old, to make Namibia a safer country to live in.”

Friday, August 7, 2015
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August, 2015

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