UFISA Intensive course a success

The User-Centred Design for Innovative Services and Applications (UFISA) held its third intensive course

The User-Centred Design for Innovative Services and Applications (UFISA) held its third intensive course at the School of Computing and Informatics and focused on a Community-Centred Design approach (CCD) and service design processes within a community of specifically unemployed youth. 

The intensive course co-incided with the Participatory Design Conference (PDC2014) held in Windhoek in October, during which participants acquired invaluable knowledge that they applied to the project. UFISA is a collaborative project between the Poly and universities from Finland, South Africa and Botswana. The primary aim of this project is to provide education in the form of intensive courses that could help participants identify a problem and work out a plan of action that will provide a solution to the problem. This was done by building sustainable socio-economic models and identifying new and viable career opportunities for unemployed youth. 

Students and lecturers from the Poly and the participating universities participated in the two-week project which tasked students to examine their own study context and personal interpretation as a point of departure before investigating the principles of Community-Centred Design and innovation within a Living Lab approach. The CCD approach was presented while the lecturers introduced service design approaches for co-designing with a group of unemployed youth from the Havana community of Windhoek. The students then worked on the process of service prototyping to identify and manage talents for new and viable career opportunities. 

Projects have been identified and work with the youth from the Kabila Centre in Havana will continue, especially with the student projects, while further research for the participating lecturers continues. 

Friday, December 12, 2014
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December, 2014

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