Weyulu calls for people skills

More than 100 students were recognised for their academic achievements at the annual NUST Awards Ceremony on Tuesday evening. The event not only aims to award top achieving students, but to create a platform for the recipients to be noticed by the various companies that sponsor the prizes, which has in the past resulted in students securing jobs.

The Registrar of the Health Professions Council of Namibia (HPCNA), Cornelius Weyulu, the guest speaker at the event, motivated the students and urged them to focus on both their mental and people skills and to maintain a high level of ethical standards when they enter the job market. He said: “Many smart people do not do so well in life as those who might be classified as moderately smart, but have excellent people skills.”

Weyulu’s career is in itself an inspiration to many. He started off as an enrolled nurse at Onandjokwe Lutheran Hospital, later moving up the ranks to become the Registrar of the HPCNA, with a string of degrees and qualifications to his name. He was a top performer in his class.

Highlights of the ceremony included the presentation of the Vice-Chancellor’s Award, an accolade given by the best performing student overall. This was awarded to Usutuaije Kazondunge, who also claimed the title of Best 1st Year in the Department of Natural and Applied Sciences.

The Best Final Year Award in the Electrical Engineering Department went to Senior Shimhanda, who admitted that when he initially pursued his studies, he was not always the most dedicated student. However, over the years, he realised the only means to success is pulling up his socks, with the result that after the ceremony, he walked away with the award and a commendable academic record.

More than 50 corporates and businesses sponsored the prizes this year, with some offering internship opportunities to recipients.

Friday, April 29, 2016
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April, 2016

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