Undergraduate Programmes


Faculty: Engineering Sciences

Department of Mechanical & Marine Engineering

Programme Code
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering 08BEME
Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering 35BMEC
Bachelor of Technology in Marine Engineering 07BTME
Bachelor of Engineering: Industrial Engineering 08BIND

Department of Mining & Process Engineering

Programme Code
Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering 08BECE

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Programme Code
National Diploma in Engineering (Civil and Project Management) 35DCPM


Faculty: Health and Applied Sciences

Department of Natural & Applied Sciences

Programme Code
Bachelor of Science 07BOSC

Department of Health Sciences

Programme Code
Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care 07BEMC
Bachelor of Human Nutrition 08BOHN
Bachelor of Science in Health Information Systems Management 07BHIS
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences 08BMLS


Faculty: Management Sciences

Department of Management

Programme Code
Bachelor of Business and Information Administration 07BBIA
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship 07BENT

Department of Marketing & Logistics

Programme Code
Bachelor of Sport Management 07BOSM


Faculty: Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences

Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning

Programme Code
Bachelor of Quantity Surveying 07BOQS
Bachelor of Regional and Rural Development 07BRRD

Department of Geo-Spatial Sciences and Technology

Programme Code
Bachelor of Geomatics 07BGEM

Department of Land and Property Sciences

Programme Code
Bachelor of Property Studies 08BPRS

Department of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences

Programme Code
Bachelor of Land Administration 07BLAD


Faculty: Computing and Informatics

Department of Computer Science

Programme Code
Bachelor of Computer Science in Cyber Security 07BCCS


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