Undergraduate Programmes

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Programme Code
Bachelor of Engineering: Civil (Revised) 08BECV
Bachelor of Technology: Engineering: Civil: Urban or Water 35BCUR & 35BCWT
Department of Informatics
Programme Code
Bachelor of Informatics (Phasing in 2014) 07BAIF
Bachelor of Information Technology in Business Computing (Phasing out 2014) 80BSBC
Department of Computer Science
Programme Code
Bachelor of Computer Science (Phasing in 2014) 07BACS
Bachelor of Information Technology in Software Development (Phasing out 2014) 80BSSD
Bachelor of Information Technology: Systems Administration and Networks (Phasing out 2014) 80BSAN
Diploma in Information Technology (Phasing out 2014) 80NDIT
Department of Social Sciences
Programme Code
Bachelor of Technology: Public Management 24BPMA
Bachelor of Criminal Justice (Correctional Management) 25BCSM
Bachelor of Public Management 24BPMN
Bachelor of Criminal Justice (Policing) 25BACJ
Criminal Justice Programme (Policing and Correctional Management) 25BCSM
Department of Education and Languages
Programme Code
Diploma in Vocational Education and Training Management 06DVET
Higher Certificate in Vocational Education and Training: Trainer 05HCVT
Certificate in Vocational Education and Training: Trainer 04CVET
Department of Marketing & Logistics
Programme Code
Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management 07BLSM
Bachelor of Transport Management 07BTRM
Bachelor of Marketing (Old) 21BMRK
Bachelor of Marketing (New) 07BMAR


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