About Finance


The Finance Department supports the teaching and learning of the Institution by providing sound financial services and fiscal leadership. It also safeguards assets, ensures regulatory compliance with set standards and provides timely and efficient services to internal and external clients.


The Finance Department strives to be efficient, well managed and compliant with a highly motivated and reliable team that delivers professional services to all stakeholders.



  • Assertiveness
  • Accuracy



  • Trust worthy



Assistant to the Bursar

Maria Ugulu
Assistant Bursar
Justina Shingenge
Deputy Bursar

Office of the Bursar

Hilaria Nujoma
Administrative Assistant

Finance Department: Financial Aid

Maria Hengari
Student Financial Aid Officer
Gavin Robinson
Student Financial Aid Officer

Finance Department: Stores & Assets

Amalia Ngishiitende
Asset Controller
Andrew Van Wyk
Stores Officer
Kirsten Isaacs
Assistant Asset Controller
Thomas Nangolo
Asset Controller

Finance Department: Revenue

Debora Muyenga
Assistant Accountant: Revenue
Jacobina Amushila
Assistant Accountant
Ruth Tjonga
Accountant: Revenue & Commercial Units

Finance Department: Procurement

Theophilia Namutenya Shilongo
Purchasing Officer
Charles Korukuve
Purchasing Officer
Immanuel Tjivii
Purchasing Officer
Patricia Mwilima
Assistant Purchasing Officer
Rosemary Tjombonde
Manager Procurement

Finance Department: Creditors

Stella Alexandre
Creditor Officer
Florentina Apollus
Creditor Officer
Taina Kashele
Assistant Accountant: Budget & Expenditure
Alisa van Wyk
Assistant Accountant: Creditor
Tracy Kaundje
Creditor Officer
Lizane Boois
Creditor Officer
Hilma Nandjigwa
Accountant: Budget & Expenditure

Finance Department: Debtors Control

Esmerelda Mbaisa
Juanita Tjaveondja
Ilse van Wyk
Student Debtor Officer
Charlotte Theron
Assistant Accountant: Hotel School
Hafeni Nghishitivali
Student Debtor Officer

Finance Department: Payroll

Regina Andrew
Payroll Officer
Ruusa Sakeus
Salary Officer
Eino Shilongo
Assistant Accountant: Payroll
Hilma Karlus
Salary Officer
Bertha Mangundu
Assistant Salary Officer
Hilletjie Fisch
Accountant: Payroll
Rosette Fabianus
Salary Officer
Lydia Nampadhi
Assistant Salary Officer
Janine Cloete
Assistant Accountant Payroll

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