Students Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC is an elected student body governed by the SRC Constitution.  The SRC has full representation at Council, Senate and the Board of Studies.

The SRC supports, encourages and empowers students throughout their academic experience. Through the Student Leadership Workshop facilitated by the Office of the Dean of Students, the SRC gain leadership knowledge and skills to nurture their academic journey socially and professionally.

The SRC plan, organise and facilitate the SRC elections; serve as campus inceptions during the New Student Orientation Programme; organize and facilitate the New Student Orientation BBQ; conduct the General Student Assembly (GSA) meetings twice a year; organize and facilitate educational students’ debates; and general social and sport activities.

The SRC assist the Office of the Dean of Students with the Cultural Festival through the establishment of an Ad-hoc Cultural Festival Committee under the leadership and guidance of the Officer: Accommodation, Sport and Culture.

SRC Activities

  • SRC Elections
  • Senate Meetings
  • Board of Studies Meetings
  • Day of the African Child
  • SRC Handing over Ceremony
  • General Student Assembly (GSA) twice a year
  • Students Nights Six Times per year
  • Ms & Mr First Year
  • Debating Competitions twice a year
  • Barbeque and Movie Nights twice a year
  • Sports Promotion Day twice a year
  • Poor Competition
  • Talent Show
  • Assist with Cultural Festival Activities under the directorship of the Officer: Accommodation, sport and culture
  • SRC Tour

Students Representative Council

Jafet Ilonga
Major: Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences
Tel: +264 61 207-2454
Salufa Limbo
Major: Bachelor of Engineering: Electrical Power
Tel: +264 61 207-2460
Johannes Erastus
Major: Bachelor of Accounting (Chartered Accounting)
Tel: +264 61 207-2466
Joe-Justen Amakali
Major: Bachelor of Engineering: Metallurgy
Tel: +264 61 207-2706
Christine van Wyk
Major: Bachelor of Engineering: Metallurgy
Tel: +264 61 207-2460
Andreas Oiva
Major: Bachelor of Business Management
Tel: 061
Talinawa Saltiel
Major: Bachelor of Business Management
Tel: +264 61 207-2454
Victor Moses
Major: Bachelor of Informatics
Tel: +264 61 207-2455
Selma Shikulo
Major: Bachelor of Engineering: Electrical Power
Tel: +264 61 207-2455

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